| by J Doran

Mountain Action Holidays are full of opportunities to get active. If it’s your goal to come back home in better physical and mental shape than before you left, we’ll help you! But most of our clients want to use their activity holiday to help them re-set. And relaxing is an important part of the experience too.

It's all about balance and we want you to know that we’ve got you here. On our activity breaks, our aim is to take care of all of the stress and responsibilities. To provide great accommodation and fresh, healthy meals for everyone. And arrange the right activities so that everyone goes home not only with something special to remember but also leaves feeling refreshed.

Making the right Choices for your Activity Holiday

We help you choose the holiday activities that work for your group. And this is not just about your abilities or fitness levels, but more importantly is centred around what you are hoping to achieve from your activity holiday with us. What is important to you and your group becomes the most important thing for us.

Activity Holiday Destinations

Part of achieving the perfect balance is to ensure that you are in the right place! Do you want to travel somewhere different? Or will you be happier staying at home, but swapping the monotony of home life, for the excitement of an activity holiday tailored to your needs? Whichever you prefer, we have you covered.

UK Based Summer Activity Holidays

In the UK we have fabulous activity holidays in either the beautiful Lake District or on the stunning North Devon coast.

Each of our locations offer something unique, like surfing in Devon or climbing a mine in the Lake District!

Summer Activity Holidays in France

Maybe a mountain adventure takes your fancy? Then look forward to spending your time in the sunny French Alps, taking in the mountains, lakes and rivers of the beautiful Chamonix Mont Blanc valley.

Chamonix, like all of our activity holiday bases, offers a huge range of activities, for all ages and adventurers. However, you won’t get to walk on Glaciers, or climb the Via Ferrata in our other locations!

Activity Holidays in Croatia

Our wonderful villa overlooking both the sea and the mountains in Croatia is nothing short of fabulous! We offer Croatia to clients who want to travel in the Spring or Autumn. During these periods both the UK and the French Alps can experience colder weather, whilst in Croatia you can be in your swimmers all day long if you want to!

We have a great combination of activities here, including some that can’t be done elsewhere like scuba-diving, zip lines and cliff jumping.

Something for Everyone on your Activity Holiday

There really is something for everyone. On land, in the air or on the water, you can choose from a fantastic range of holiday activities. Too much choice? Remember to go back to why you are choosing this activity holiday with us? What do you want to come away with? If you need to de-stress and relax, we will advise you not to take on four very challenging activities. Better to pick your ultimate challenge, make this early on in the holiday and spend the rest of your activity time having fun with the people you are with, taking in the fresh air and idyllic surroundings you have chosen for your holiday adventure.

We Provide Activities – Not a “to-do” List

If your perfect holiday means challenging yourself, then you're able to do just that. If you’d rather take it easy and paddle a kayak, or jump on a bike to the local village for ice cream, that’s perfectly OK too! It’s not about achieving the most, it’s about doing what makes you happy.

We are flexible for families and friends

There are plenty of activities you can do together as a family, or with a group of friends. Not everyone has to have the same ability for us to ensure that you all have an equal amount of fun.

Mountain Action Holidays provide a Framework for Fun

Beautiful settings and fantastic facilities – in your accommodation and dining room as well as on your activities - help to set the scene for relaxation and enjoyment with as much of a challenge as you want to give yourself. And whichever activities you choose, the rest of your trip will be stress free, with all your needs taken care of. And herein lies the balance…