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About Us

Now this may be starting with the obvious but it’s important to say; we love the mountains. The thrills, the views and the way of life are like nowhere else.

Mountain Action Holidays offer multi-activity and packaged adventure holidays within different mountain ranges. Including the famous Chamonix-Mont-Blanc in the French Alps, the beautiful Lake District, the stunning North Devon coast in the U.K. and the Mosor mountains in the wonderful Omis Riviera in Croatia, it’s our job to help you have an adventure to remember. We’ve made sure our range of activities accommodate people of all ages and abilities.

Our philosophy is simple; we want to give you a hassle-free adventure that puts a smile on your face. The only challenge we want for you is the activity in front of you. After all, organising a holiday shouldn’t be the only accomplishment.

We’ve paired with some of the best accommodation, to ensure your stay is as comfortable as it is thrilling. So eat well, sleep well, then get yourself outside with Mountain Action Holidays.



Julie is the founding director of Mountain Action Holidays and gets involved in everything to do with the business. She has always loved outdoor life and fell in love with the mountains over 15 years ago, so much that she made her move to Chamonix in 2013 from North Devon. Julie is so passionate about mountain life that she’s made it her mission to help as many people as possible experience all that the great outdoors has to offer.

“Everybody thinks that by participating in outdoor activities, you have to be amongst the extreme, but I believe that is not true. There is something for everyone and the mountains can be as challenging as you want.”


Marketing & More!

Based in the UK, Andy takes care of all kinds of stuff for us. From marketing, social media, copy writing and much more, we make sure to keep him busy.

Based in Leeds, Andy is our UK presence. He’s loved the mountains and the great outdoors since getting on a snowboard back at the start of millennium (when he was just an adorable 11-year-old (Andy's words!)) and makes sure to get out and visit us as often as he can. While you might not see Andy on your next adventure, he’s a important part of making your trip unforgettable!


Web & Video

Ed has called the mountains of Chamonix home since 2016. Although snowboarding brought him to the Alps, biking is where his passion lies and every summer you will find him racing down the gnarliest downhill mountain bike trails Chamonix has to offer. He believes that mountain sports should be as accessible as possible for everyone and works towards making the mountains a friendlier place for people of all abilities. In winter he works with the charity “Ski 2 Freedom” guiding skiers at various resorts around the Alps and in the summertime he assists gravity bikers on their holidays. He has also been involved in building a downhill mountain bike trail for paraplegic bikers in the Forest of Dean. When Ed isn’t speeding around the mountains, he is the brain behind our brilliant website and films all of our epic adventures.

Our Guides

Safety & Fun

With the choice of over 20 different guides, from climbing instructors, rafting experts, pilots, bike & hiking guides, all offering a personal approach to instruction and learning. They are specialists in their field and most importantly their emphasis is on safety first and then FUN!

We understand that whatever activity you embark on with us, it will shape your holiday experience. We would like you to leave with the best memories possible!