| by J Doran

For those of us that can travel during the off-peak season the benefits are boundless. Whilst your activity holiday remains fun, tailored to your needs and fantastically priced, your flights will cost less, the airports will be quieter, and you get the chance to see your destination at a less popular time of year.

And those aren't the only benefits…

Benefits of Off-Peak Activity Holidays

It’s not just yourselves that enjoy the off-peak times. Locals are generally less busy and therefore even more receptive to tourists during the less busy months.

  • Cheaper travel
  • No danger of activities being fully booked
  • Locals are even happier to see you!
  • Destinations are less busy

Activity Holidays Europe – Off Peak Destinations

Activity Holidays in France

The mountains of France are fantastic any time of year. Throughout the summer months we offer a variety of activity breaks in Chamonix Mont Blanc and in the winter, we offer fully catered ski breaks.

The Montenvers mountain railway in Chamonix Mont Blanc

Activity Holidays in the UK

We offer a brilliant range of activity breaks in the UK at two locations: The Lake District and North Devon. You can take advantage of the off-peak season at either location between May/June and September/October.

Mountain biking in the Lake District

Activity Holidays in Croatia

Our villa in Croatia awaits you in the Spring and Autumn, allowing you to enjoy much better weather than the UK whilst taking part in tailor made activities for your group that make the most of both the mountains and the sea.

Canyoning in Croatia

Travel Tips for Off-Peak Activity Breaks

Tips for travelling to our activity holidays in Europe: Steering clear of local school breaks (France and Croatia have different school holidays to the UK) and religious celebrations plus checking the timing of big seasonal events that attract crowds can make your activity holiday with us just that little bit more special.

However, if you have to travel during the school holidays, consider coming to France. Geneva is the closest airport to Chamonix Mont Blanc and as a primary business hub, Geneva's quiet season happens during regular peak seasons for other destinations.

"Our off-peak months are January, February, July and August, weekends and long weekends like Easter," says Caroline Melly, PR and media relations manager for Geneva Tourism.

Travel tips for Activity Holidays with Children

We all know that there are penalties for taking your children out of school (even though the benefits of time away with your family are huge!) But if you are coming on a family activity holiday and can't travel during off-peak times, select an off-peak day, to get a cheaper air-fare or drive on less congested roads.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays have the cheapest airfares and booking in advance saves huge amounts on train fares. If you are driving, plan your journey to avoid peak commuter traffic and we promise you a warm welcome when your family arrives!

Contact us for locals’ advice on the best time for you to book an activity holiday with us and get ready for an adventure!