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It goes without saying that hiking and swimming are two of the most natural ways to enjoy the mountains.

The number of walks and swims is nearly endless with scenic climbs, descents, rivers and lakes to immerse you in nature.

To give you a taste of hiking and swimming, we’ve explored a few great options below.


We welcome people of all fitness levels, from those looking for a scenic amble through to the more challenging hikes.

Gentle hikes can be found in the Vallon de Berard, which will see you follow the river up the valley, past a waterfall towards the Refuge Pierre a Berard.

This walk takes approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes.

For those looking for something a little longer, why not take the Aguille Du Midi cable car to an altitude of 3842m, take in the view, then hop back in the cable car back to the mid-section. From there, you can take the wooded track back down to town or even cross over from the Plan d’Aguille to the Montenvers Train station. The train back offers plenty of beautiful scenery and is direct back into Chamonix town.

Either of these hikes take approximately 3 hours.

Alternatively, Les Houches has many hikes to offer. A popular choice is the Aiguilette des Houches (2285m), passing the Lapaz river and Carlaveyron prairies. The reward? Some of the best panoramic views of the Mont Blanc chain.

This 3-hour 15-minute hike can then be lengthened by adding an intermediate hike (some steep trails) that loops around towards the Chailloux chalets.


Within 20 minutes of Chamonix, there are two groups of lakes - Lac de Passy & Lac des Ilettes - that offer swimming, windsurfing, fishing and other water sports. On top of this, there are excellent barbeque sites to enjoy a meal in the fresh mountain air.

There are of course natural places to have a dip higher up, so if you’re brave enough to take the plunge on one of our high-altitude hikes then by all means do!

Between everything else a mountain action holiday can offer we never underestimate the thrill of a hike or a swim. The routes and lakes we have explored are just the tip of the glacier, so make sure to get in touch to find out more.

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