Single Parent Activity Holidays

Single Parent Activity Holidays

Our activity holidays are popular with single parents because we offer the perfect combo of fun-filled activities to treat everybody on holiday, plus we take care of everything else that a single parent has to do day in, day out – allowing you to actually relax and have fun with your children.

We provide the activities, prepare and serve the family’s breakfast and hearty 3 course dinner, and welcome you into our gorgeous family-friendly accommodation - leaving nothing for you to take care of except yourself. We know that it’s your holiday too, so our activities are tailor-made for everyone to enjoy. This holiday won’t simply be “all about the kids” (which we know can often equal a pretty lonely experience for the parent), because our activity holidays for single parents have you in mind too.


You choose the length of your break and your location, and your holiday will include 4 activities that you and your children get to choose. Have a look at our activities (we aren’t talking ping-pong versus swimming!) we provide terrific options on our activity holidays that are sure to make memories that last a lifetime.

  • 4 or 7 night breaks
  • 4 family activities
  • Breakfast and 3 course dinner (with wine)
  • Transport during your stay
  • Airport transfers
  • All equipment and passes
father and son standing on a mountain ridge


We have 3 countries to choose from: England, Croatia and France. Each holiday is different in terms of climate, but from the mountains to the sea what is consistent is the quality of the fun activities we offer.

We have two locations in England, the Lake District and North Devon offering a huge range of activities we’ve uncovered in the area. Our villa in Omis, Croatia will allow your family to holiday by the sea and our chalet in Chamonix, France offers a fantastic range of outdoor activities by land, sea and air!


To ensure your family adventure is truly your own, we offer more than 12 holiday activities in whatever location you choose – just click here to have a look at how awesome the choices are! With such fantastic choices you can be sure that nobody will be bored on this holiday!

Your holiday includes 4 activities that you choose, and this means that you set the level of energy on your holiday. You decide when you guys need to relax and when you want action, and we make sure it happens!

And here’s where it gets really good – you don’t all have to choose to do the same activity, everyone gets to choose an activity that they really want to do. This means that you will take on activities that excite you, invigorate you and give you those special memories you are making for your children. Your children get to see you having fun! And each person in your family is truly catered for.

Each activity is delivered by a local, qualified expert and we provide all the gear that you need – all you have to do is decide! (And we can help you there too once we get to know you, don’t be afraid of asking all the questions you need).

mother and daughter sitting on a beach


We’re called Mountain Action Holidays because of our love for the mountains where we live – but no matter the location, all of our holidays offer one great ingredient – the great outdoors! Children left to their own devices will gravitate towards the things they love, and they love being outdoors - but this natural bond with nature has all but been forgotten if you compare our childhood with that of our kids. Children do not notice the weather – we do. Children don’t recognise boundaries – we do that for them…

The outdoors is also a wonderful place to learn, by walking, biking, diving into, or simply spending time out in it!

Get them outside on an activity holiday and all of this fun comes flooding back. It doesn’t matter whether you choose a staycation in the UK, a mountain action holiday in Chamonix or a sun-filled water world in Croatia – your kids will LOVE being outside because they are taking part in the most exciting activities the areas have to offer.


Involving your child or children is a way of getting them excited about their upcoming adventure (particularly if your child is nervous about travelling with one parent). Talking to them about the types of activities and helping them to choose what excites them most becomes part of the holiday way before you even arrive.

And in this way, you can be sure before you begin the journey that everyone’s needs are being met. Don’t be afraid to ask us all the questions you need to make triple-sure this holiday is perfect for your family.

father and son on a canoe in a river


We know that keeping children busy and entertained requires intricate planning and can be very costly, especially for single parent families, so we have simply taken this burden from you allowing you to get on with your holiday. We will take care of your in-resort transport, shopping, cooking, cleaning and of course holiday activities.

One of the reasons we consistently get such good reviews is because parents return from our holidays having had a break themselves!

Going solo with your children on a holiday can be daunting and we recognise that it’s difficult to please the whole family. And that is exactly why our single parent activity holidays work – everyone gets to choose what excites them the most. We do the planning and organisation, you are on holiday with like-minded people, and your children get to immerse themselves in four, out of this world activities that they will still be excited about long after they are home.