Off-Peak Holidays - What’s the fuss about?

Off-Peak Holidays

What’s the fuss about?

Off-Peak is something you hear in all forms of travel, but what exactly is it and why should you be thinking about it? Below we’re taking a look at what times of year count as “off-peak”, and what exactly differs between them and the more popular months.


Put simply, peak is the busiest time to travel and off-peak travel is less in demand.

From trains to tours, peak and off-peak is a way to understand whether the time you’re looking to travel is a popular one. For us here at Mountain Action Holidays peak and off-peak periods really depend on where you are looking to explore.

image of a lake and mountains


Our philosophy is to work with local experts, and as a result we’ve got a great insight as to when off-peak actually can offer more than peak months for less. Below we’re going to take a look at our founder Julie’s neck of the woods, the Chamonix Valley - at the foot of the famous Mt. Blanc - as a great example of this.


From families and friends, solo travellers and couples, sabbaticals and gap years, Chamonix is a booming tourist destination all-year round. Due to its breath-taking landscapes and awesome slopes and rivers, people flock to Chamonix for all kinds of adventures. An iconic ski destination, a humongous glacier, beautiful scenery and a wealth of villages to explore, it’s hard to find a reason not to come and visit.

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Chamonix has around 5 million visits a year, with the biggest chunk of those happening in the summer months. Whilst Chamonix is undoubtedly beautiful in June, July and August, booking your adventure for a little bit later in the year definitely has its advantages. As the summer comes to an end and Autumn begins, Chamonix is typically just as warm (with the rare shower or two), just as beautiful and has all the same activities and attractions to choose from. Even better, between your activities and your accommodation, you’re getting everything you’d get in the summer for a fraction of the cost.


With winter being so cold in the mountains and summer being so warm, there are of course those pesky "in-between" months, namely October and November. We never want to stop doing what we love, which is why we’ve got multi activity packages to fit the “inter-season”.

With a chance to get away to the beautiful coastal valley of Omis, Croatia, you’ll wonder if an underwhelming halloween is the only thing to have in your calendar this October. With opportunities to cliff dive, zip line or even give sailing a go, we really, really think you should keep an off-peak adventure in mind!

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Check out everything we offer in our off-peak packages and locations below. Remember, you’re getting everything you would in the peak packages, for even better value!