Chamonix Valley Ski Areas: In Focus - Flegere

Chamonix Valley Ski Areas: In Focus - Flegere

Flegere, found in the centre of the valley, is a great option for all ability levels. Whilst this is a great place to visit all year round, below, we’re going to explore exactly why it's great for Skiing and Snowboarding, as well as how to get there and some local insight from those who know the valley best.


The Flegere lift is situated just above Chamonix, in the small village of Les Praz. With direct links from pretty much anywhere in the valley, you’ll be able to take a train or bus to within a short and flat walk away.

If arriving by train, you’ll need to get off at Les Praz-de-Chamonix. After you’ve alighted, exit the station right and cross over the roundabout. From there, you’ll see a grassy area ahead and shortly beyond this, the Flegere lift station.

If you’re hopping on the bus, you’ll be dropped even closer. As you hop off, the lift in is the direction you're facing, across a small car park.

Flegere lift has recently undergone some work to improve it, the main highlight being smaller, constantly revolving 10-person rides - far better than the larger, slow filling ones!


Brevent and Flegere are actually considered a part of the same ski area, but today we’ll cover what we love about the Flegere side (we’ll be covering Brevent in our next piece).

Flegere is a fantastic place for a variety of different experience levels. There are a total of 14 pistes as well as some fantastic options for off-piste skiing and snowboarding. It’s good to mention here that you can easily travel between the Flegere and Brevent ski areas via a horizontal cable car. More variety is never a bad thing!

All of the pistes here are south-facing, and ultimately end up back where the gondola drops you. Flegere is a great option for beginners, with two long green runs that feel quite different to ski. Further above, you’ll find a number of red runs to explore, with the Lachenal delivering you straight to the lift across to Brevent. If you go east from the top of flegere instead, there’s some long, steep skiing in the form of the Crouches (Red) and Floria (Black) runs.

Flegere - when the snow is good - has some fantastic off-piste spots to explore. Overall, Flegere is not as tough as the likes of Grand Montets, but offers a fantastic challenge to intermidiate and beginners.


Flegere generally is less busy than some of the other spots in the valley, so make sure you find some time to explore it. While it’s a great option to descend into Brevent and find yourself in Chamonix town for apres, there’s also a great little bar in Les Praz called Le Petit Social, offering a happy hour and live music.

As the name suggests, it’s pretty cosy inside so big groups may need to get comfortable outside (don’t worry, there are heaters). Being just a short walk from the bottom of flegere, it’s an ideal place to recap the day’s best bits!