Adventures Await: A Stunning Activity Holiday in Omis, Croatia

Adventures Await:

A Stunning Activity Holiday in Omis, Croatia

Perched between the imposing Dinara mountains and the sparkling Adriatic Sea, the picturesque town of Omis in Croatia is a captivating blend of natural beauty, rich history, and vibrant culture. This charming coastal gem, located just a short drive from the bustling city of Split, offers a harmonious marriage of ancient architecture, idyllic beaches, and a sense of adventure. Known for its stunning landscapes, including the dramatic Cetina River gorge and the inviting sandy shores, Omis beckons travellers with its Mediterranean charm and a fascinating past that is woven into the fabric of its narrow streets and mediaeval structures. Whether you're seeking relaxation by the sea, an exploration of local traditions, or thrilling outdoor activities, Omis promises an unforgettable experience that captures the heart and soul of Croatia's Adriatic coastline. We decided to try out the thrilling outdoor activities on offer with Julie at Mountain Action Holidays (MAH)…

Our villa in Omis, Croatia
Our villa in Omis, Croatia

Arriving at the gorgeous villa up in the Omis hills, overlooking the azure sea, and being welcomed by Julie, our host, only made us more excited about our week ahead.  Easing our travel-weary bodies onto the sun loungers around the pool with cocktail in hand, there was no better way to start our holiday. After much needed relaxation by the pool, we gathered round a huge table on the terrace laden with sumptuous local dishes prepared lovingly on the barbeque by one of MAH’s expert chefs.

We awoke to a glorious day greeted by a lovely breakfast spread on the balcony overlooking the sea. Then it was time for our first activity of the holiday, canyoning in the Cetina River. Piling into the van I felt nervous and excited as I had never done this sort of thing before but I was assured that there was no experience needed for this…thankfully. Equipped with a helmet, wetsuit, wet grip shoes, floatation jacket and harness, there was no need to worry with our expert and friendly guide who showed us where to step and drift safely between the rocks in the river. The first part of our adventure consisted of climbing a short hill, then abseiling down into the sparkling clear river.

Canyoning down the Cetina River
Canyoning down the Cetina River

Once we were in the river, we scrambled over rocks into pools of water, looking for the faster flowing part of the river to float us down it, all the while appreciating the stunningly beautiful views of the gorge. Further along our route, the excitement levels went up when we were given the choice to do a small bit of cliff jumping. I decided to take the leap and was rewarded by a feeling of exhilaration as I landed in the cool water. The river gently swept me along a few more rocks and enticed me into jumping off a few more cliffs, and before I knew it we had reached the end of our canyoning journey for the day.

Jumping off rocks into a canyon
Jumping off rocks into a canyon

On the way back in the van, tired and happy, and was looking forward to the days ahead.

After another wonderful meal under the stars and restful sleep, it was time for our second activity day where we were going to fly over the Cetina gorge on a zipline. A short upward hike through the forest later we arrived at the first zipline deck. We were fitted with all the safety equipment and shown how to use the zipline safely, and we were ready to go!

Zipping across the gorge with the meandering river beneath was thrilling, whoops of excitement escaping our lips. Once we’d braked and landed safely on the opposite deck it was time to walk through the stunning landscape to the next platform. This zipline was even longer and took us over the forest section,with its ancient, majestic trees below. The feeling of flying over this lush landscape was awe-inspiring and before we knew it, our ziplining for the day was over. Driving back to our villa in the van, I think it’s safe to say that we felt elated by our day’s activity and excited to see what the next day would bring.

A person ziplinling across the Cetina gorge
Ziplinling across the Cetina gorge

Delicious breakfast - tick, ready for boat day - tick. Arriving at the port, we met the captain and his crew, climbed aboard his graceful boat, Nana. Armed with cocktails and finding a comfy lookout on the boat, we set sail for our first destination of the day, a secluded beach on the island of Brac. Here we frolicked in the fresh, clear sea and a few of us paddle boarded in the calm, clear waters of the bay.

Paddleboarding next to a sailing boat near the island of Brac
Paddleboarding off the island of Brac

Then it was time for a buffet lunch on the boat which had been home cooked by our friendly captain’s wife. Next it was onto Pucisca on Brac for a wander around the port and a quick drink in one of the local bars before we headed back to Omis.

On a sailing boat off the coast of Croatia leaving Omis
View of Omis from the boat

Sailing was an amazing way to see more of the coast of Omis and its neighbouring island Brac, and it was a perfect way to relax after our previous adrenaline-packed days. Our trusty van was waiting for us and we were whisked back to the villa for another spectacular meal on the terrace.

It was our final day of the holiday and after all the excitement we thought we’d go and explore the town. Meandering through the mediaeval part of the village and stopping off at cafés, cute shops and bars along the way, we came across a path to the fort at the top of the hill. After a 40 minute walk, which was a bit of a climb and involved some very old steps, we reached the ruins of the hilltop fortress. The view over the bay was breathtaking and well worth the effort walking up there. Once we had decided to clamber down from our beautiful vantage point we went for an evening sundowner at one of the bars along the bustling main street of Omis, meeting up with Julie and the rest of the group to toast the end of a truly wonderful holiday which had the  perfect mix between adventure, relaxation and a boatloads of fun. 

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