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Boat trip to Brač Island

Setting sail from Omis in the morning, you are treated to stunning views of its coastline as we head towards the island of Brač, and the village of Pučišća.

Pučišća boasts a renowned legacy in stonemasonry. During the allotted hour and a half of leisure time, you'll have the chance to explore the local stonemasonry high school and peruse a museum showcasing exquisite sculptures. The town is brimming with souvenirs crafted from its native stone, enabling you to carry home a fragment of Pučišća's artistry. For those seeking more than just sightseeing, the town's alluring beaches provide an opportunity to unwind.

Leaving Pučišća behind, your voyage continues towards Postira, an approximate one-hour journey. As we sail from Pučišća to Postira, you'll be treated to a delectable fish lunch accompanied by a crisp salad, wine, and revitalizing orange juice. Relish these flavors while relishing the panoramic vistas of the Adriatic Sea.

Upon reaching Postira, absorb the allure of this coastal gem. Amble along the waterfront, appreciate the traditional Dalmatian architecture, or unwind on the charming beaches. Postira offers an undisturbed and authentic taste of island existence.

Following your exploration of Postira, we will commence the journey back. We expect to reach Omiš mid-afternoon, marking the conclusion of your day's adventure of approximately 7 hours.

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